The Value Builder Assessment allowed us to qualify prospects faster. Before we were able to convert 40% of those leads to a qualified lead and we have to have a conversation with them to do that. Today we're at a 60% conversion rate.

–Marla DiCarlo

Co-Owner and CEO of Raincatcher

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Stop Kissing Frogs

For a professional advisor, time is money, and the more you spend with the wrong kind of prospect, the less you have to invest with clients where you can make a difference.

The right kind of clients are coachable and realistic. They listen to your advice and act on your recommendations. They pay their bills.

The wrong clients waste your time, question your fee and drain your energy.

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How Do You Avoid Frittering Away Time With Clients Who Are a Bad Fit?

The answer is to leverage an assessment that an owner must first complete before you invest too much time with them. An assessment places the onus on a business owner to share information about themselves in advance so you can quickly assess if they meet your objective criteria such as company size and profitability. Assessments also serve to help you evaluate how coachable and realistic an owner will be. We offer three assessments you can leverage:

The Value Builder Score is a 34-question assessment that offers an evaluation of a business through the lens of an acquirer.

The owner who completes the Value Builder questionnaire will receive a score out of 100. You’ll then receive their overall score and their performance on the eight factors acquirers value in a company. You’ll also get the owner’s actual performance metrics, such as company revenue, profitability, and growth rate, which will allow you to see if the company meets your objective criteria for a great client.

PREScore™ is a 12-question assessment that evaluates an owner’s personal readiness to exit their company.

This assessment serves as an accurate predictor of how prepared an owner is to invest in value building given that one in four completed PREScore™ questionnaires translates into a paid Value Builder engagement for our advisors leveraging the PREScore™ assessment.

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Watch how Marla DiCarlo, Co-owner and CEO of Raincatcher, increased her conversion rate to over 60% by incorporating The Value Builder System™ into her practice.

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