I met one of my biggest clients through Value Builder’s drip marketing campaign. When it came time for this owner to pick an advisor, he reached out to me because I stayed top of mind with great content.

–Marquita Wiley

Consultant at Innovative Business Advisors

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Stay Top of Mind

You know you’re supposed to write content that positions yourself as an expert in building company value, but who has the time?

With our -Nurture Cycle- feature that comes out-of-the-box with The Value Builder System™, there is no need to create content and worry about distributing it. Nurture Cycle allows you to “white label” our content about building the value of a business and publish it under your brand and byline to a list of contacts you manage inside Value Builder.

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Position Your Firm as an Expert

The Nurture Cycle feature within The Value Builder System™ will position you as an expert on building the value of a company. You can configure your Nurture Cycle in minutes. Then rest easy knowing your contacts will get thought-provoking content from you in their inbox on the cadence you select.

You Can Configure Your Nurture Cycle to Send Automatically:

Weekly Case Study Podcasts

A weekly podcast featuring a case study of an owner who has recently sold their business

Weekly Case Study Podcasts

Monthly Articles

A monthly article educating owners on building the value of their business

Monthly Articles

Quarterly Webinars

A quarterly live, interactive session where owners gain valuable insights into building company value

Quarterly Webinars

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The Value Builder System™

Watch how Marquita was able to shorten the time it takes to assess new clients from weeks to just minutes by leveraging the Value Builder Score assessment tool.

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No matter what kind of business advisor you are, The Value Builder System™ can help you grow your practice and add a new revenue stream to your firm.

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