The amount of leads we’ve gotten from Value Builder is tremendous. Within 30 days, we launched a press release and had 35 completed questionnaires. That led to 10 client meetings and four new clients.

–Allen Harris

Owner, Berkshire Money Management

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Attract Clients
Without Selling Your Soul

Credibility is an essential ingredient for building an advisory practice. Your professional reputation is undermined when you’re seen as too pushy. That puts you in a tight spot: How are you supposed to promote yourself if the very act of selling could undermine your appearance as an expert advisor whose opinion is highly sought after?

That’s why we have a suite of solutions that allow you to attract clients without selling yourself.

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Easily embed Lead Capture Tools on your site to attract new clients without having to appear pushy and undermining your professional credibility.

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Watch how Allen Harris, Owner of Berkshire Money Management, was able to secure clients simply by having The Value Builder System™.

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No matter what kind of business advisor you are, The Value Builder System™ can help you grow your practice and add a new revenue stream to your firm.

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