The average revenue from an accounting only-client was around $2,300 a month. With the Value Building advisory work, it's an additional $5,000.

–Kirk McLaren

CEO of Foresight CFO

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Boost Your Confidence
With a Coaching System

Selling advice can feel squishy.

Your counsel is not something an owner can feel or smell. They have to trust that you know what you’re talking about and without decades of work together, that can be tricky.

Having a coaching methodology can come in handy. It gives you a road map for advising your clients. With a system, both you and your client can feel confident in the steps you’re taking together.

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The World’s Most Established Methodology for Building the Value of a Company

The Value Builder System™ involves 12 different steps, each one building on the last, which are proven to work when applied over time.

Tens of thousands of business owners have leveraged The Value Builder System™, and the results are impressive. The average owner entering our program achieves a score of 59 out of 100 on the Value Builder Score questionnaire.

For those who have received a written acquisition offer in the last year, the average bid is 3.5 times pre-tax profit. Those who complete the 12 steps in the process and improve their score to a 90 + out of 100 on the Value Builder questionnaire are receiving average offers of 7.1 times pre-tax profit.

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Watch how Kirk was able to triple his income with Value Builder clients compared to traditional accounting clients.

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No matter what kind of business advisor you are, The Value Builder System™ can help you grow your practice and add a new revenue stream to your firm.

an Accountant

a Business Broker

a Business Coach

a Financial Advisor

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an M&A Professional

a Wealth Manager

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