In the first quarter of 2020, we
have generated $25,000 in fees
and $5 million worth of closings
from The Value Builder System™.

–Todd McGreevy

Managing Partner Marigold Resources

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Do the Math and Improve Your Close Rate

Why do prospects say no? It’s probably not because you went to the wrong school, wore the wrong thing or cheered for the other team.

When a business owner fails to act on your proposal, it is much more likely that it comes down to one thing: Your prospect couldn’t confidently measure their return on investment from hiring you.

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Instantly Measure the Impact of Improving Your Client's Score

Our Scenario Planning tool allows you to measure the impact of improving your client’s score on the Value Builder questionnaire. The Scenario Planning tool shows a prospect on screen the effect each driver will have on the value of their company. Move each slider to the right and watch as your prospect’s eyes light up as the Scenario Planning tool quantifies the value of hiring you as their advisor.

Most of our advisors will be able to show an owner a 20:1 (or more) return on their investment in The Value Builder System™, making your coaching fee relatively inconsequential in the context of the overall value you will add as their advisor.

Discover How Advisors Leverage The Value Builder System™

Watch how Chris and Todd were able to sell their client's business at a 5x multiple on a $1 million EBITDA after implementing The Value Builder System™ to their M&A firm Marigold Resources.

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No matter what kind of business advisor you are, The Value Builder System™ can help you grow your practice and add a new revenue stream to your firm.

an Accountant

a Business Broker

a Business Coach

a Financial Advisor

a Management Consultant

an M&A Professional

a Wealth Manager

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