Why SmartStart?

We believe confidence is contagious and the more confident you are at leveraging and integrating The Value Builder System™, the faster you’ll see an impact in your practice and your client’s outcomes. That’s why every license includes the SmartStart training program for advisors.

SmartStart is our way of holding your hand through your first year as a new Certified Value Builder™ advisor.

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How SmartStart Will Help You

Step 1

How to Integrate

SmartStart gives you an integration road map to differentiate your practice with The Value Builder System™.

Step 2

How to Win Clients

You'll learn the formula to accelerate your sales and marketing results by leveraging the system.

Step 3

How to Deliver

You'll be given the playbook to master advising your clients to build the value of their companies.

What is in SmartStart for you?

Practice Integration

Practice Integration

Practice Integration is a series of hands-on one-on-one workshops with your dedicated Customer Success Manager. You will learn the fundamentals of how to launch your new business or integrate The Value Builder System™ into your existing practice. By the end of this series, you will have clarity on your sales and marketing process to deliver your services with confidence using the various elements of the Value Builder System™ platform.

Certified Value Builder™

Certified Value Builder™

Then, you’ll have a chance to interact live with a group of your peers, including sessions led by senior members of the Value Builder team. Following the completion of phase two of your training, you’ll have a clear road map for fully integrating The Value Builder System™ into your practice and be awarded your Certified Value Builder™ designation.

The FunnelBuilder Program

The FunnelBuilder Program

In the FunnelBuilder program, learn how to integrate Value Builder into your sales and marketing activities to win more clients. The course covers three pillars: Marketing to Business Owners, Marketing to Centers of Influence, and Selling Engagements, with each session building on the last. In 10 consecutive weeks, discover proven strategies from Certified Value Builders and your peers. Once completed, you'll gain a tactical and actionable approach for marketing, selling, and winning Value Builder engagements.

The AdvisorAccelerator Program

The AdvisorAccelerator Program

Next, streamline your learning in one of four AdvisorAccelerator programs. Refine your skills in one of the following topics: facilitation, exit planning, coaching, and selling. Each course is led by one of our most experienced Certified Value Builders. Learn from industry experts who have built a successful practice within their specialization and discover how they leverage The Value Builder System™ effectively.

Become a Certified Value Builder™

Join our next SmartStart class today. Our community of advisors are among the world’s leading thinkers in the area of building company value.

The SmartStart Commitment

Advisors who went through the SmartStart program completed 210% more reports, providing additional opportunities to turn a business owner into a client. As for engagements, SmartStart participants saw 280% more engagements, which is directly related to the return on their investment in their first year. SmartStart graduates converted one in nine reports into engagements.

For those clients enrolled in the system through an advisor who did not go through SmartStart, they were only able to complete an average of 62 activities inside of the platform. By contrast, SmartStart-trained advisors made a much bigger impact with an average of 364 client activities completed, leading to a boost in their Value Builder Score. This directly demonstrates the active engagement advisors see from their clients.

A Word From Some of Our Instructors

If you're looking for some help with building your practice then RocketLaunch is right for you.

— John Nieuwenburg,
W5 Coaching | RocketLaunch Instructor

In CoachMasters we help advisors leverage the system to do the heavy lifting of educating their clients in the methodology.

— Susan Clements,
Benchmark Business Group | CoachMaster Instructor

What Our Certified Value Builder™ Advisors Are Saying

The most valuable training program I have been involved in, by a significant margin. The structure of the program was well-thought-out, and the process and implementation guides provided were clearly laid out allowing me to quickly apply the skills learned in the training to my coaching business to begin making sales. SmartStart is the complete package.

—Chris Mitchell,
Certified Value Builder™ Class of 2020

This real-time collaboration has worked very nicely and has been extremely helpful to get me going. In fact, my first mastermind group priced at $1,000 each for 8 business owners filled up quickly. My ability to create and introduce this program within 2 weeks is due to my Customer Success Manager's guidance.

—David Oyadomari,
Certified Value Builder™ class of 2020

The Value Builder System™ is a great system which is clearly developed over time based on real world experience across a large number of advisers and businesses. A systematic and highly professional process which allows for interaction and engagement and records all key actions taken and those to be taken.

—Gary White,
Certified Value Builder™ class of 2020

The quality of The Value Builder System™ and the platform are amazing. The whole experience so far has been positive, and the training and resources are top-notch. It’s incredible how well it all fits together with my business. There is a logical progression to integrating Value Builder into my practice. You've thought of everything.

—James Bosma,
Certified Value Builder™ Class of 2020

In all the training I have received, this stands above the rest and felt more like an internship then a training program. This program, with its hands-on learning approach, allowed me to employ and integrate the skills learned and the tips and tools provided in my practice, with great results almost immediately. There is nothing SmartStart doesn’t cover, from building out your pricing menu to how to sell an engagement, I walked away from this training a more competent and confident leader.

—Ladi Franklin,
Certified Value Builder™ Class of 2020

Add a New Revenue Stream to Your Firm

Join our next SmartStart class and become a Certified Value Builder™ today. Our community of advisors are among the world’s leading thinkers in the area of building company value.