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The Freedom Point: A Financial Planning Guide for Business Owners

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Case Studies

Debra Robinson Law More Than Doubled in Value with the Help of a Certified Value Builder™

Debra Robinson owned and operated Debra Robinson Law for over twenty years. Her practice offered services for family law, estate. READ CASE STUDY

Gina Catalano Converts 40% of Workshop Attendees into Paying Clients with The Value Builder System™

Gina Catalano has been helping business owners grow their companies for over 20 years. She is a prolific speaker and. READ CASE STUDY

CPA Adds Consulting Services, Doubles Revenue with The Value Builder System™

As the COO of CPA firm Gheen & Co., Mark Tuggle helped provide a wide array of business consulting services. READ CASE STUDY

Ekklesia Capital Helps Local Businesses Survive—and Thrive

David Oyadomari is the Executive Vice President of Customer Experience and Operations at American Savings Bank Hawaii. With over 25. READ CASE STUDY

Peak Value CEO Saves Time and Earns Recurring Revenue Through Mastermind Groups

Chris Ayers is a Certified Value Builder™ with over 30 years of experience in sales and organizational development. He is. READ CASE STUDY

Jennifer Ramos Expects Her Business to Double Next Year with The Value Builder System™

Jennifer Ramos is the CEO and founder of JR3 Consulting Group. JR3 helps business owners in the healthcare industry create. READ CASE STUDY

MassMutual Now Has an Accurate Method for Determining Business Value

The MassMutual Financial Group is a Fortune 500 life insurance company providing life insurance and planning services for more than. READ CASE STUDY

The Value Builder System™ Helps Indiana Business Advisors Sell 80% of Listings

Indiana Business Advisors (IBA) is Indiana’s largest business brokerage. They have sold over 2,100 businesses in nearly 40 years of. READ CASE STUDY

Execuity Increased Revenue by 300% After Implementing The Value Builder System™

Linda Ruffenach is the founder and chief strategist for Execuity, a consulting firm serving business owners. She spent 19 years. READ CASE STUDY

Peter Boolkah Accelerated his Sales & Marketing Funnel With The Value Builder System™

For the last 15 years, Peter Boolkah has served as the Global Trainer & MasterCOACH Director at ActionCOACH. Previously, he. READ CASE STUDY


The Yes Box: How Step-Change Thinking is the Key to Growing Sales in a Shrinking Economy

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Inside the Owner's Mind: The One Metric You Need to Become Your Client's Most Trusted Business Advisor

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The Overlooked Owner: A Key Factor in Determining Business Value

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The Rainmaker’s Dilemma: How Your Greatest Strength Becomes a Debilitating Weakness

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The Freedom Point: A Financial Planning Guide for Business Owners

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Productize: 8 Ways To Turn Your Service Into A Product

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Better, Not Bigger: Introducing the Value Building Industry

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Famous or Rich: 9 Ways Value Builders Prioritize Wealth Over Recognition

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8 Ways to Re-Invent Yourself in a Crisis

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The Entrepreneur’s Trusted Advisor

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Solving the Rainmakers' Dilemma

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Understanding the Freedom Point

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Leveraging LinkedIn

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8 Steps to Productize Your Service

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6 Lead Generation Strategies for Professional Advisors

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How to Coach Clients From Home

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The Secret to Selling Advice

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The 9 Ways Your Clients Can Build Value

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How to Host a Virtual Mastermind-Peer Group

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Better Not Bigger: Introducing the Value Building Industry

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