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Why Value Builder?

Whether you're a brand new coach or a tenured professional, Value Builder has all the tools and content you need. Generate leads by sharing 500+ ready-made podcast episodes, eBooks, articles, and more. Automate your marketing emails and achieve 5x better results compared to the the average firm. Leverage out-of-the-box coaching tools, complete with 50+ videos, exercises, and tutorials.

Get all the content you need to attract business owners to your practice.

Identify ideal clients in minutes, while weeding out bad-fits.

Differentiate yourself and stand out from competitors as a Certified Value Builder™.

A Turnkey Marketing, Sales and Coaching Solution

Value Builder provides tools and ready-made content to help you find, win and keep your best clients.

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Gina Catalano

Founder, Venture Sol. US

“I’m not a content developer but Value Builder offers presentation templates, videos, eBooks and more that I can use and easily modify.”

Tom Jordan

Exodus Complink

“With Value Builder, I’ve saved $650 per month and eliminated my old email marketing tool. It provides everything I require and gets the marketing results I need.”

Jennifer Ramos

Founder & CEO,
JR3 Consulting

“I’ve integrated the Value Builder Engagement into my offering. It’s added huge value to my sales process and helped me win clients with less effort.”

Why Business Coaches Are Turning to Value Builder

Read our comprehensive Product Brochure for a breakdown of all our features. You'll discover how our tools and ready-made content give you everything you need to succeed at marketing, sales and client retention.