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Why Value Builder?

Attract more business owner leads and convert them into listings with our marketing tools and content. Leverage our library of 500+ podcast episodes, eBooks, email templates, and more to quickly grow your list of business owners. Nurture contacts while you sleep with drip marketing emails that perform 5x better than the average firm. Make sure you're the first person they think of when they're ready to sell.

Increase deal flow by generating more business owner leads.

Improve discovery process by identifying ideal fits in under 15 minutes.

Attract ready-to-sell owners with content they crave.

Build Your Pipeline of Qualified Leads

A full suite of tools and ready-made content to help you generate business owner leads and increase deal flow.

Marla DiCarlo

Co-Owner & CEO,

“The Value Builder Score allowed us to qualify prospects faster. It used to take 20 days, now it takes 20 minutes to assess if an owner is a good fit for our services.”

Todd McGreevy

Managing Partner & Co-founder, Marigold Resources

“With Value Builder, we can help owners see the current value of their business, the future value if certain things are fixed, and a roadmap for success.”

Jason Hullender

Managing Dir., IAG

“When someone completes a Discovery Questionnaire, we see higher levels of interest, with more of them turning into clients.” 

Why Business Brokers Are Turning to Value Builder

Read our comprehensive Product Brochure for a breakdown of all our features. You'll discover how our tools and ready-made content give you everything you need to succeed at marketing, sales and client retention.