Qualify and Benchmark a Business and Its Owner in Under 15 Minutes

Stop wasting time "kissing frogs". Quickly identify your ideal customer and uncover the root cause of their pain.

Speed up your discovery process. Identify a business owner’s root cause of pain in under 15 minutes. 

Get a three-dimensional view of your prospects and clients.

Questionnaires you can trust with over 70,000 business owners.

Identify an Owner's Pain Points in Minutes

With the Value Builder Score, measure owners on eight factors that make up their company value. Pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses and demonstrate where your services will make the biggest impact.

Predict an Owner’s Readiness to Exit

The PREScore™ (Personal Readiness to Exit Score) Questionnaire assesses whether a business owner is psychologically ready to exit their businesses. Seventy-four percent of owners have regrets one year after they exit. Help your clients avoid looking back on their exit with disappointment.

Determine Financial Readiness

With Freedom Score, assess whether owners are financially prepared to sustain their desired lifestyle after they exit their company. Use this report to help owners think about life beyond their business and to map a road to financial freedom.

"Value Builder has had a massive impact on our practice. When someone completes a Discovery Questionnaire, we see a higher level of interest that turns into conversions."

Jason Hullender  

Managing Director , IAG M&A Advisors 

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