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Dr. L. Nolan Duck established DBG Advisors in 2006 and currently serves as the CEO. In the last 15 years, Duck has been a staple in the Dallas-Fortworth area, helping companies in the manufacturing, distribution, and service industries with mergers & acquisitions and business brokerage. 

Nolan is a member of the Texas Association of Business Brokers (TABB), a Board Certified Broker, a Certified Value Builder™, an EOS Implementer, a member of the Alliance of Mergers & Acquisition Advisors (AM&AA), the North Texas Commercial Association of Realtors (NTCAR) and is a licensed Texas Real Estate Broker.

Business Challenges

Despite experiencing success in helping list and sell businesses, Duck and his team at DBG Advisors found themselves at a turning point in 2011. Many of the businesses approaching them to list their business were not quite ready to sell. Unable to work with them, Duck said, “I felt like they were underserved and I wanted to help them get to a place where they can get full value for their company, take them to market and successfully sell.” Having to turn away 60% of leads, Duck looked to expand and enhance DBG Advisors’ services and help businesses build value to work towards a successful exit.

Duck was on the lookout for a platform that can guide owners through the presale process and enable them to get more value back when selling.  Entering into the value building space also presented an immense opportunity for a new revenue stream that could work in concert with his expertise in listing and selling businesses.

Why The Value Builder System™?

Duck and his team at DBG Advisors have seamlessly integrated The Value Builder System™ into their practice. DBG Advisors can now work with businesses in preparation to sell as well as those ready to sell, creating a steady stream of additional customers in their pipeline. The Value Builder System™ has helped Duck ramp up and take on four new clients a year. By working with businesses early on in the presale process, DBG Advisors introduced monthly fees and increased cash flow,  adding an additional $5,000 a month

The Value Builder System™ has also vastly improved Duck’s valuation process. Many business owners often mistakenly believe they are ready to sell, but do not have the proper tools to make this determination. When this arises, Duck leverages the Value Builder Questionnaire, a 13-minute survey that provides an impartial report of the value of a business. When discussing the impact of the questionnaire, Duck said, “The Value Builder System™ gives them an objective picture of exactly why they’re not ready to sell and the value that they are going to miss if they don’t correct some problems.” When discussing how The Value Builder System™ brings issues to light within organizations Duck said, “The 8 Key Drivers of Company Value really zeroes in on things that are not going to work in the sale of their business, and buyers are not going to accept their company with those flaws.” 

In addition, Duck has the tools to coach business owners through the value building process. Out-of-the-box informative videos, articles, webinars, podcasts, and more are made available to business owners through an online portal. Duck asks clients to watch important videos prior to their meetings, which saves time and effort in explaining how the platform will help their business, allowing The Value Builder System™  to speak for itself. 


The Value Builder System™ has enabled DBG Advisors to expand services to help owners in the presale process, which has increased revenue and landed new clients. Nolan has established a successful recurring revenue stream adding more than $60,000 in annual income for his business. In addition, DBG Advisors is able to take on 60% more business, without needing to turn away leads again. 

The Value Builder System™ has made entering into the presale space a seamless transition for DBG Advisors. With a platform that provides a reliable and repeatable approach, Duck can rest assured that all his clients are well on their way towards a successful exit. When discussing his success, Duck said “What The Value Builder System™ did for me was open my mind to different ways to help business owners prepare for a lucrative exit.”

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