Jennifer Ramos Expects Her Business to Double Next Year with The Value Builder System™

Jennifer Ramos

M&A Professional and Business Coach

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Jennifer Ramos is the CEO and founder of JR3 Consulting Group. JR3 helps business owners in the healthcare industry create organizational growth and a profitable transition. Ramos is a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA). She is also a broker with M&A Business Advisors, a full-service business brokerage and mergers and acquisitions firm.

Business Challenges

Ramos was looking for a low-cost lead generation strategy to attract more business owners to her consulting and M&A services. She also needed the right content that would resonate with business owners in her target market.

In addition, she wanted to position herself as a thought leader. To be seen as the go-to expert in healthcare business advising and brokerage, she would need exceptional educational material, tools, and services. Consistent and easy-to-implement branding would be crucial.

Finally, Ramos’s connection with business owners is highly personal. She watched her father struggle for years with his own company. She wanted to genuinely help owners thrive. To do this, she wanted to capture their attention not just to help them transition but to help them grow their business’ value before they sell.

Why The Value Builder System?

Facebook is the main social tool of the healthcare industry. Together with content found in The Value Builder System™, Ramos has found a way to organically win business owner clients, essentially for free. She first uses it as a qualification channel, she connects with owners in professional groups and offers encouragement and useful recommendations. After she has interacted with a prospect, she sends a friend request. She has around 2,000 connections on her personal page, but she has selected about 800 prospects to follow her company page. With a growing number of followers, Ramos leverages content from The Value Builder System™ to engage and interact with business owners.

Ramos’s posts center on content and concepts from The Value Builder System™. For example, she might tout the knowledge owners can gain from the Value Builder Questionnaire. This assessment asks 34 questions that determines the strengths and weaknesses of a company. Or she might suggest that every owner should be familiar with the 8 Key Drivers of Company Value, eight metrics that are important to acquirers. This allows Ramos to leverage The Value Builder System™ content combined with her own expertise.

Using pre-built social media templates, she is able to quickly personalize content to fit her own voice, message, and audience. In her first six months using The Value Builder System™, Ramos went from zero contacts to connecting with up to ten per week. And she expects that to double next year.

Authenticity is key, she says, everything I post, that’s who I am.” She provides real value and actionable advice backed up by content tried and tested to resonate with business owners. But she doesn’t have to spend all her time doing it. “It’s like email,” Ramos says. “Maybe an hour a day.” She’ll post once or twice daily, and for any given post, she might get a few dozen engagements. However, those engagements quickly turn to action: One post received 42 engagements, and around a third of those contacts (14) filled out the Value Builder Questionnaire. Thirteen of those (more than 90%) became her clients. This post is the source of three listings.

Once she’s developed a relationship with a business owner, the next step is to complete the Value Builder Questionnaire to assess their current strengths and weaknesses. “There’s an opportunity here to create a stronger exit,” she says. Using the 8 Key Drivers, she can guide her clients through systematically building their companies’ value.

Ramos is not just finding clients looking to sell their businesses. She’s creating future clients. She says, “I’m keying up for years to come with Value Builder.” The relationships she is building may lead to a sale in six months or five years. But they also spread into a network of new clients through referrals.


Ramos authentically wants to help business owners succeed and The Value Builder System™ gives her the software and prebuilt content to power her mission. “I’ve integrated The Value Builder System™ into my offerings,” she says, “adding huge value to my sales process and helping me win new clients with less effort.” Instead of constant marketing, she is able to focus her energy on actually building value for her clients and negotiating a strong sale.

In only six months, The Value Builder System™ helped Ramos gain five to ten new contacts per week. That number is steadily growing, and with a large percentage becoming new clients, she is able to turn a little effort into a lot of business.

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