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Nolan increased his client roster by 60% after incorporating The Value Builder System™.
Nolan successfully added an advisory arm to his practice, bringing in a recurring revenue stream of $5,000 of additional income per month.


Dr. L. Nolan Duck is the founder and CEO of DBG Advisors. Nolan is passionate about working with business owners to get their company organizationally healthy and financially profitable as they move toward an exit. Whether they plan to sell now or ten years from now, his goal is to build the full value of their company, so they are ready to sell if someone comes calling.

Nolan is a member of the Texas Association of Business Brokers (TABB), a Board Certified Broker, a Certified Value Builder™, an EOS Implementer, a member of the Alliance of Mergers & Acquisition Advisors (AM&AA), the North Texas Commercial Association of Realtors (NTCAR) and is a licensed Texas Real Estate Broker.

Business Challenges

Nolan had been selling companies for over 13 years before joining The Value Builder System™ in 2017. However, his expertise focused solely on selling the business, and he did not have a clear methodology to help business owners build their company value. Having no method became a challenge when Nolan continued to meet owners who wanted to sell their company but were not prepared to do so.

With the number of those ‘not-quite-ready-to-sell’ business owners approaching Nolan, he discovered a lost opportunity among the 10+ referrals he had to turn away. To enhance his practice and help more business owners build value, he needed a methodology that would establish him as a Trusted Advisor – one that could help business owners prepare for a lucrative exit.

Why Value Builder?

Nolan joined The Value Builder System™ intending to demonstrate himself as the Trusted Advisor. Nolan’s key to success was leveraging the 13-minute Value Builder assessment, which provides an impartial report of how a business owner prospect is performing on the eight key drivers of company value. He would then leverage the engagement modules to evolve into a business coach who could offer guidance and advice on building company value – whether an owner was looking to sell, or not. Having the credibility of a trusted methodology was critical to the evolution of his practice.

The Value Builder System™ would also help Nolan establish a stream of recurring revenue – a business model that did not exist in his previous practice.


After only two years of incorporating The Value Builder System™ into his practice, Nolan has been able to establish a successful recurring revenue stream equating to more than $60,000 in annual income (or $5,000+ per month) for his business.
Because he’s added The Value Builder System™ to his practice, Nolan has been able to take on 60% more clients. His focus includes both sides of the ledger – those who are ready to sell today and those who are looking to grow. Nolan’s client conversion rate is a staggering 80%.

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