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Tripled income after deploying The Value Builder System™
Through Mastermind Groups, Broschowa works less while earning more

Jeff Borschowa is the co-founder and Chief Growth Officer of Get it Together Masterminds. They provide consulting to business owners, specializing in Mastermind Groups or peer-to-peer coaching sessions. By bringing successful business owners together, they believe collaboration and creative problem solving can be achieved. Borschowa came to Get it Together Masterminds with a wealth of experience in accounting and advising small and medium enterprises. As a former entrepreneur himself, Borschowa is the perfect coach for like-minded business owners.

Business Challenges

Prior to partnering with Why The Value Builder System™, Borschowa was balancing a full-time job and part-time business coaching. Borshowa followed his passion for entrepreneurship and pursued his own business consulting practice. Without the financial comfort of a full-time job, Borschowa needed to find an all-in-one platform that could help him grow and scale quickly.  

One area Borschowa needed help was with developing relevant content for his growing client base. Producing all of the necessary assets – informative videos, best practice articles, industry whitepapers, among others – would be extremely time-consuming. Borschowa knew he needed a tool with a wealth of resources that can offset some of the consulting responsibility and complement his services.  

In addition, Borschowa quickly built his client base to 36 business owners but knew that his current one-on-one coaching model could only accommodate 20 clients. Having to turn away 16 clients and lose potential business was a difficult but necessary decision. Borschowa had to improve his business processes to allow him to take on more clients. With these challenges in mind, Borschowa began a search for an all-encompassing platform that could help him grow the business quickly, provide high-quality resources, and give him the bandwidth to take on more business owner clients.

Why The Value Builder System?

Now with The Value Builder System™ fully deployed, Borschowa and his team at Get It Together Masterminds have been able to rapidly scale. In the first three months, Borschowa tripled the annual income of his previous job and believed there was still room for exponential growth.  

Borschowa’s first concern of producing quality content and helpful resources were quickly addressed. The Value Builder System™ comes with hundreds of expertly researched articles, whitepapers, podcasts, and videos available at Borschowa’s disposal. When describing this, Borschoawa said, “In my own coaching, I was struggling to come up with the resources and collateral. When I saw the system had everything in it, I was on board in two weeks.” By relying on these out-of-the-box resources, Borschowa was able to supplement his consulting work, take on new clients, and ramp up his full-time consulting service.  

Borschowa has also found a way to utilize The Value Builder System™ creatively, within a Mastermind Group. In these sessions, Borschowa gathers 12 business owners and works through The Value Builder System™ and its simple step-by-step methodology. After each session, business owners are provided with a roadmap to success – identifying what systems and processes need to be implemented within their business in order to build value and scale.  

By perfectly aligning peer-to-peer coaching sessions with The Value Builder System™, Borschowa has seen revenues rise while increasing his capacity for new clients. Prior to group sessions, Borschowa’s revenue for one-on-one consulting peaked at $300,000. With a new efficient process in place, Borschowa projects that revenue will now jump to $5 million dollars. When comparing one-on-one sessions to group training Borschowa said, “It’s now the inverse, the less I work, the more I’m earning.” 

Another way Borschowa scaled his business is by leveraging the Value Builder Questionnaire. This 15-minute online assessment is used by business owners to discover the strengths and weaknesses of their business and provides a roadmap for improvement.  With the Value Builder Questionnaire now in his arsenal, Borschowa reached out to his existing network of business owners, recommended using the assessment, and quickly received over 100 completed questionnaires. With this high rate of engagement, Borschowa now had a pool of interested prospects looking to work with him and reap the benefits of The Value Builder System™.  Borschowa has accelerated his capacity for new clients while helping more business owners rapidly build value within their organizations. This has created an influx of referral leads for Borschowa and Get it Together Masterminds.  


Borschowa knows that The Value Builder System™ empowers business owners with the tools they need to successfully transform their business. As he onboards new clients, The Value Builder System™ makes it easy for Borschowa to stay up to date with each. With a single online portal that houses notes and documents, Borschowa is relieved of the pressure of being involved every step of the way. Instead, Borschowa can trust that The Value Builder System™ is effectively guiding their decisions. 

Borschowa also raves about the Value Builder Summit, a yearly event that brings together advisors, coaches, accountants, and business brokers to network and share ideas. When explaining why he plans on attending for years to come, Borschowa said, “For me, it’s reconnecting with the community and sharpening those skills so that I can get better. I always learn something new from somebody whether it’s the person sitting next to me or the amazing speakers on stage.” 

Get It Together Masterminds has seen tremendous growth within the first few years of implementing The Value Builder System™, but are only scratching the surface. With a goal of $10 Million in sales, Borschowa is confident that they will exceed this target. Having The Value Builder System™ in their back pocket, Borschowa knows that they are capable of growing and scaling for many years to come.  

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