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As the founder and managing director of GRG Momentum, Geoff Green helps entrepreneurs build successful businesses, and reward them with a lucrative exit. Green first began as a corporate lawyer but has since transitioned to a strategist and advisor for businesses looking to buy or sell. With over 30 years of experience, GRG Momentum has recently pivoted to a new kind of consulting, value building and exit planning. Green is also the author of “The Smart Business Exit”,  one of the few Australian books written on successful exit planning strategies for business owners.  

Business Challenges

With a wealth of experience as an exit planning strategist, Green recognized a common issue among the many businesses he helped sell. They lacked what he calls, “sustainable value”. This meant that many of the businesses did not address problems within their organization prior to the sale, and thus did not set up the next owner for success. Having seen this too many times, Green began looking for a platform that helped business owners build strong valuable companies before exiting.  

In addition, with more businesses than ever looking to sell, Green wanted to take advantage of this growing market. Rather than advising a few business owners at a time, Green was looking to increase his capacity to take on more businesses at once. This led to a search for a reliable coaching tool that enabled him to accelerate his advisory service.  

With these challenges in mind, Green looked for a platform that allowed him to achieve his goals. Firstly, this tool needed to help business owners build value within their company and ensure a successful hand-off to the next owner. Secondly, this coaching platform needed to help Green handle a large influx of clients who needed value building and exit planning consulting.  

Why The Value Builder System?

With The Value Builder System™ now in place, GRG Momentum has found the perfect complement to their advisory service. To address his first challenge of building “sustainable value”,  Green has leveraged The Value Builder System™ and its 12 modules to guide business owners through the step-by-step process of building value. When discussing how GRG Momentum utilizes the platform, Green said, “We use The Value Builder System™ in its pure form – as a coaching tool for 12 months, helping clients build value within a relatively short time.” With this easy-to-implement turnkey solution, Green was able to take advantage  and quickly integrate its use with his clients.  

In addition, The Value Builder System™ has also solved Green’s challenge of taking on more clients. With a highly repeatable and simple methodology, GRG Momentum has increased the number of business owners they can work with. They now have the ability to take on six clients simultaneously with the help of The Value Builder System™. 

To accelerate this growth, GRG Momentum has used The Value Builder Questionnaire as a qualification tool to see if a business owner will be a good fit. Once prospects complete the 15-minute online assessment, a report is generated summarizing the business’s strengths and weaknesses. When discussing the effectiveness of this, Green said, “When someone does The Value Builder Questionnaire and you have the report, you learn a lot about the business and the owner. This, coupled with a half-hour conversation is enough to determine if they are a good fit for our services.” 

Since integrating The Value Builder System™ into his practice, Green has also used the platform in Mastermind Groups. GRG Momentum now hosts The Value Builder System™ workshops that gather multiple business owners and have them work through the modules together. Introducing group workshops have helped reduce the need for one-on-one sessions and allows Green to take on a greater number of clients at once. 

As a successful author and strategist, Green has also leveraged The Value Builder System™ to advance his personal brand. Through webinars, speaking engagements, and conferences, Green uses his platform to discuss his success and the important role The Value Builder System™ has played. At these talks, Green is able to provide examples of business owners he has helped build value and exit their company and showcase the tools and strategies that have been effective for him. 


With The Value Builder System™ integrated into his practice, Green has found a platform that will continue to be alongside as GRG Momentum continues to scale. With a proven coaching tool for building value, Green can remain confident that he is helping to create a sustainable business for the next owner who takes over.  

Secondly, The Value Builder System™ has enabled GRG Momentum to successfully capture the growing market of business owners looking to sell which has increased its client roster. Green believes that The Value Builder System™ is a vital tool for a new wave of advisors working specifically in value building and exit planning. Discussing the impact of the platform, Green said, “a lot of business owners are looking to exit in 10 to 15 years and it has created a brand new industry. The Value Builder System™ has led the way,” 

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