At The Value Builder System™, Our Goal Is to Change the World for the Better

Today, small business owners work their entire lives only to earn pennies on the dollar when they sell their business. Our mission is to make a positive difference for one million small business owners by the year 2030.

Is This You? (What We’re Looking For)

You Like to Win

Your competitive drive ensures that you’re motivated by obstacles, not crushed by them. You find the solutions and resources to lead your clients to their “win” along with you.

You're Gritty

You’ve got the drive and discipline to do the work. You’re not expecting a clock-in-clock-out job.

You've got Empathy

You want to listen. Not just to sell more, but to achieve something that solves a problem or addresses an issue successfully. You care about your customers’ outcomes, not just your bonus.

You Love a Good Process

There’s a saying that success is 1% idea and 99% execution, and that’s true for this role. This is a “doing” job, and you are detail-oriented and can establish a process to contribute to your success.

You Love Technology

You follow the latest tech news and maybe have worked for other SaaS companies in the past

Change the World for Better

Join The Value Builder System™ team and make a positive diference for one million small business owners across the globe.

Growth Mindset

We believe in having a growth mindset, tackling challenges with GRIT with our glass three-quarters-full attitude.

Big Rocks First

We believe in doing the important things first.

Alergic to Excuses

We believe in being professional. We own up to mistakes. We’re allergic to people who make excuses.

Metrics People

We believe that opinions are cheap. We’re metrics people. Data is the raw material of true insight.

Why You’ll Love It Here (5 Reasons to Join)


Play a Role in Doing Right

You’ll be able to look back on your career and know that you played a part in righting a wrong in a world today by helping level the playing field for owners as they approach their exit.


Get in Early

The Value Builder System™ is growing 20-30% per year. A rising tide lifts all boats, and you will be joining a dynamic, growing company and your career growth will accelerate much faster than if you chose to work for a larger, more established business where your career growth is limited to tiny steps on a well-worn career path. At The Value Builder System™, you can literally skip entire sections of the ladder.



One of our four values is to embrace a growth mindset, which is all about taking risks, learning and growing. Learning is not only encouraged; it's hard-wired into our culture. Join a big company and your learning curve will be gradual, join The Value Builder System™ and the curve steepens considerably. At The Value Builder System™, you’ll be encouraged to take risks and try new things rather than petition management for permission to act.


Be Safe

When you work for a big company, you’re a number on a spreadsheet, and when that company changes strategy, hundreds of employees can be let go regardless of their performance. The Value Builder System™ is a meritocracy where high performance is your ultimate job security. You’ll never be let go by some arbitrary decision behind a boardroom door. As a high performer in the jet stream of the company’s revenue growth, at The Value Builder System™, you are in control of your destiny.


Be Part of Something Special

Company founder John Warrillow wrote Built to Sell: Creating. Business That Can Thrive Without You, which was named by Fortune Magazine as one of the ten best books for business owners in the year. The book inspired a podcast which has been downloaded more than 500,000 times and ranked by Forbes as one of the top 10 podcasts for business owners in the world.

Together We Can Make a Dent in the Universe

Create the future you want. Join The Value Builder System™ team and change the world for the better.

What Our Advisors Are Saying

Before The Value Builder System™ assessing clients took 2 weeks to a month…now it only takes 15 to 30 minutes.
If you developed this process [with The Value Builder System™] you will become their most trusted advisor.
We’re reaching a point where a lot of business owners will want to exit over the next 10 to 15 years… I really see The Value Builder System™ at the front of the wave
Since we got The Value Builder System™ our revenue has more than doubled. The business has grown significantly, and The Value Builder System™ is a big part of that.
I needed something that allowed me to scale quickly and I found that in The Value Builder System™… in about 3 months time I tripled my former wage.