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Most founders find themselves so deeply entangled in the day-to-day functioning of their company that they end up owning a job, not a business.

And those who break the mold, building something of true value, often confront a pack of predatory acquirers, ready to pilfer their life’s work for far less than it’s worth.

We think that’s criminal. And that’s why we exist.

We level the playing field as you approach your exit. Whether you’re years or decades from selling, we show you how acquirers will assess your business and expose the tactics they use to exploit first-time sellers.

The Value Builder Report

We’re best known for the Value Builder Report, which allows you to see your company the way an acquirer will and evaluate how your business is performing on the eight factors that determine what your company is worth. Along with an estimate of value, you’ll also receive a blueprint for capturing the potential value you could harvest if you optimized your business for an acquirer. You’ll discover the hidden things that are quietly eroding the value of your business and the attributes an acquirer would find irresistible if you emphasized them.

Your endgame is personal, that’s why we work exclusively with a discrete group of advisors trained to understand the value of your business today, and how to optimize it in the future. Ready to discover your endgame?
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